Friday, July 31, 2009

Mmmmm....Chicken Slop

Ok, so I'm not eating anything created in this post. That's ok. The dogs think it's some of my best cooking.

First, find an all NATURAL (no injected "juices" or "flavoring") chicken. Here's how to make delicious "Chicken Slop".

1 - Get a pot big enough for a whole (cleaned) chicken, toss in the chicken, cover the chicken with water
2 - Put burner on low and go do something fun and exciting all day while the chicken cooks (preferably out of the house - the smell of the cooking chicken could make your dog insane!)
3 - By the evening, the chicken should be ready for dismantling. Dismantle chicken.
4 - Place meat (NO bones) removed from the chicken in a food processor. (Do this in batches, overfilling the food processor really sucks - trust me!)
5 - Add a little broth from pot and process until "slop" is formed.

Mmmm...... Slop.

6 - Spoon slop into baby food jars

OR into empty marrow bones arranged in a freezable container...

Or kongs, ice cube trays, etc....

7 - Place in freezer

8 - Ask if anybody wants to lick the bowl (but take the blade out of the food processor bowl first)

Frozen Chicken Slop makes for a delicious cool treat, and is great for when the dogs just need to stay occupied for a little bit.

Note: Don't just toss out the chicken broth! This is the best stuff you can get for a pup with an upset stomach. (store bought chicken broth is loaded with extra junk that's no good for your dog) Put the broth in a container, label it, and freeze it for later. (broth is also great to use instead of water in dog treat recipes)

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