Monday, January 4, 2010


I used to be less than a fan of Huskies.  They're built to work, and they need to work hard and play hard... daily.
Simply put, they aint no couch potatoes!

I'm coming around, though.  I'm beginning to appreciate the energy that rubs off of them.  If you're willing to soak it up, they're more than happy to keep throwing it at you.

Well, that, and the fact that in my great attempt to stop hating winter I've discovered mushing.
The Husky's specialty.

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Lilly likes Huskies, too.  She knows they like to run.  A LOT.  Lilly likes to run, too.  A LOT.


This is Bear.  Bear likes to run with Lilly... if she could just stop trying to bite him in the ass.
He doesn't really get what that's all about.

Take note of Bear's beautiful markings.

You know what Lilly looks like.  Pretty much all white, with a little dappling on her ears:

God help me is she cute in that coat!

This past summer Lilly apparently got a big idea.
She likes those Huskies so much... maybe it would be fun to LOOK like a Husky, too!


Nice try, Lilly.  Nice try.

Lilly likes to play with Quinn, too.
I sure hope she doesn't one day get the idea to try and become a Quinn twin.  That could be awfully messy...


Lucky for Lilly, Quinn doesn't much mind her affinity for ass biting.

Love ya like a Husky,

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