Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Monthly Mendel

This is the beginning of our Monthly Mendel pictures.  I'm planning to have pictures done every month for comparison.  Mostly for my own curiosity, and partly because it forces me to get some good shots of my little monkey every month.

Here he is at 3 months:

This is actually probably the best stack of the bunch, but I need to do a better job of editing it.


  1. I just love the headshot (6th pic down)!

  2. Wow! He looks great! I am wondering how long he holds his stacking position? Probably longer than Leroy:)

  3. Well done, Amanda! You did a good job, those pictures of Mendel are so beautiful and Mendel is gorgeous!!!

  4. Mendel is still working on staying put when I have treats, he wants to keep walking toward them, but he's starting to catch on.

    He free-stacks beautifully - Samoyeds are a free-stacked breed in the ring. His breeder/my mentor regularly says "if it can't put its feet in the right place, I don't own it". She's a real stickler for structure, and a Sammy with proper structure will often stand stacked because it is a comfortable position for him to stand. :) (She regularly does well showing her Bernese Mtn Dog because she can free-stack her beautifully while everybody else is busy goofing around with placing feet where they're supposed to be.)


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