Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Ready... (aka Procrastinating...)

Mendel's first show is this coming weekend!!!  Horray!

I haven't picked out my two show outfits for this weekend... but I will.

I haven't decided which pair of nylons to ruin this weekend... but I will.  (am I the only person who almost NEVER wears nylons more than once before ruining them?)

I haven't packed every available crate I own into my car... but I will.  (out of state friends are coming to show so I'm making their load lighter)

I haven't put together my tack bag... but I will.

Mendel hasn't had a bath yet... but he will.

I haven't trimmed Mendel's feet yet... but I will.  (and I will not mess up because I've been practicing)

I haven't entered the show site into the GPS... but I will.

We haven't done 6 month pictures for the "Monthly Mendel"... but we will.  Tomorrow.


We HAVE been practicing.  Of course, we've been practicing at "show class", but we've especially been practicing our bounce game.  We're still working on the not bouncing ONTO me part, but it's fun either way.  (hoping to get some pics of the bounce game tomorrow) 

Mendel HAS figured out how to use those lovely shoulders his genes gave him.  Yay for sidegait!

We HAVE stocked up on some delicious show treats that can be stuffed into my bra or mouth without activating my gag reflexes.

Tomorrow my bestie is helping me with Mendel grooming, pictures, video, and driving to the show site to stake out prime grooming space at the show.  This is her "adult time" that she hasn't gotten very much of lately with a 1 year old at home.  Do you see what having kids does to you?  Your FUN time consists of being put to work by your dog nut friend.  Poor girl.  I should probably buy her ice cream.  :)


  1. Good luck, and laughed at the mental image of you pulling 'bait' out of your bra!

  2. Have fun at the show! I bet he will be great... seems like he is a natural.

    Oh, and I usually ruin nylons as soon as I put them on. Actually... I don't think I ever wear them anymore, ever, for that reason.

  3. Good luck to both of you! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  4. All paws and fingers are crossed here for both of you.
    Good luck and have fun!!!


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