Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today, a number of breakthroughs occurred at our house...

1.  Whitey slept in her spot without trying to sneak into Lilly's spot (or my whole side) on the bed all "night".  (Night isn't really night at our house because I generally don't go to bed until about 6am, but you know what I mean.)


2.  All THREE dogs played out side.  Like really PLAYED - chest bumping, body checking, alligator dueling and all.  I eventually had to break it up because both Bailey and Whitey were primarily playing with Lilly and it was overwhelming her in our small back yard (where she can't take off and outrun everybody), but they were PLAYING together. 
It gave me warm fuzzies.


3.  Bailey has not been nasty or intimidating (cold stare, rigid body) to Whitey in a full 5 days.  In fact, I think he's discovered she's not half bad.  (Well, that, and that he hates going to "jail".)  He no longer gets upset about her going anywhere in the house - even if he thinks it's his. 


4.  Whitey came running back into the house right behind Bailey and Lilly tonight after going potty.  This is a HUGE improvement over her sticking to me like glue in the hallway and having to be encouraged to come into the house every time.  (this is largely because Bailey decided to be nasty to her in the hallway once - she's learning he's not going to do that anymore)


5.  No water bowls have taken flight in a full 4 days. 

 6.  Whitey met lots of strange people (including THREE scary boy-types) at the park, and she lived to tell about it.  (she might not admit it, but I think she actually kinda liked some of them)

One lady was absolutely in love with her.  She kept telling her husband/boyfriend/significant other that THIS is the kind of dog she wants.  His first question was "How much do they shed?" followed by "How much do they eat?".  :) 
Boys are funny.


  1. Sounds like the pups have declared peace, at least for now.

    And that is definitely the kind of dog I'd like too. Except I already have three. And I'd also like about nineteen other kinds of dogs too.

    Its amazing I'm not on that Animal Hoarding show. ha.

  2. Sounds like things are going great!
    Whitey is a cutie, for sure.
    I'm surprised it was the guy asking how much she shed, isn't that usually the woman's question:)?

  3. What an eventful days. It's always nice to see our furkids play together and of course, sometimes hoomans need to step in to be an mediator : )

    I love the pictures of Whitey.


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