Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Grooming Tables, and other things...

I've been slacking off on blogging big time lately.  Nothing all that important has been going on around here.

We attempted to go for a "pull" in harness the other day.

This is what it looked like before we started moving.


It all went downhill from there.  Bailey and Lilly either have completely forgotten how this works or just knew they could get away with not doing it.  It was a total disaster.  Clearly, we need more practice.

I saw a cool sunset coming over Tower Drive bridge the other day and snagged a couple pictures.
I really need to stop taking pictures while driving, though.



Lilly is ready for Halloween, and wants to know how much longer until we go on this fun trip I keep telling her about.


The other day Bailey, Lilly, and I went to have pictures taken.  I'll be sure to share them as soon as I get them back.

Last night Lilly and I were having "Mommy and me time" and we watched "Best in Show".  
(Bourne is usually her favorite, but I told her watching something else would be fun)
I had to laugh when a husky came out into the ring and I thought to myself "Lilly moves better than that dog".  I'm not being biased, really, she does move better than that dog, but that's not something I would have ever thought to myself a year ago.

I've been working on making a couple grooming tables.  One for me (that will fit in my car) and one for a friend.  They turned out pretty nice.

Here's just the boards with the legs on them being modeled by Whitey and Lilly.


Here's what amounts to essentially the finished product.


The table actually has some textured deck sealant on it, but I like using a table cover.  This cover is my first practice version using cheap fleece I got in the bargain bin.  It doesn't match the tool apron, but it works well enough.  I'm thinking I will put some pockets on the carrying bags to hold the cover and a few other things.  I'm also thinking of a better tool apron design that would be all duck cloth that would actually velcro right onto a duck cloth table cover.  I'm thinking it will work pretty well, but I need more duck cloth.

Eventually I'm planning to put together a post that tells more about how I made my tables.
Sadly, I did not take many pictures documenting the process.

Whitey seems to think they're alright.



  1. Good job!
    I'm like you, why buy it new when you can make it for way less, and customize while you are at it. Or the other option is to find a great deal second hand:)

  2. Love Lily's wings. She does look a little disgusted though... lol blessings to you, bobbi & gracie


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