Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Fun

We load up in the car...
off to the dog park for a good run

"With the wind chill it feels like 4 below"
...the radio taunts me...

The back seat passengers don't mind at all
They've been waiting for this...
for what seems like weeks to them, I'm sure
(it's only been a couple days)

I remind them they need to pack as much fun as possible into a short period of time,
before we all freeze to death.
I guess sometimes freezing to death is worth it...

Winter fun:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pieces of Time...

Ok, so it's not technically my first video. But, it's the first video I made all by myself from scratch rather than just letting the Flip program do all the work.

Winter Wonderland?

The snow falls...
I hate it
Winter holds no appeal for me anymore

Luckily, the dogs love it
they run with pure joy
Bailey bunny-hops with his age, but it doesn't stop him
Lilly tries to herd him, stops when seen...
drops to the snow and stalks
there's no mistaking her Border Collie-like moves

She's lost her snow white color, almost looks red in some spots
it's very apparent against the white snow

I'm trying to learn to make better videos
could be fun...
or extremely irritating
I'd like to get together all of my favorite pics
Production could take a while...
it would be worth it