Sunday, March 29, 2009

Door County

We spent spring break in Door County this year, at a cabin in Egg Harbor. It was GREAT...if only I had the money to stay there more often. Our cabin was just perfect...I actually drew out the floor plan to keep in case I ever build a house - I would love to live in a little place like that in the woods. :o)

The first day we went to Peninsula State Park. The weather was just perfect! Lilly broke the rules and got to run in the woods off leash, but there was hardly anybody there and nobody caught us. Then, of course, we went to Al Johnson's. Lilly had to stay in the car, but I think she enjoyed the rest.

Lilly found herself some delightful "perfume" down near the bay. She had to have a bath in the whirlpool tub with my strawberry daiquiri body wash when we got back to the cabin.
(after which she rolled in the dirt in the back yard to "get that stink off")
The tub was egggggcellent!

All that excitement will tire a girl right out!

On the second day we went to Whitefish Dunes State park. The weather wasn't as nice, but it was still an ok car ride. We stopped and had a look at Cave Point. Lilly thought it was cool, but the noise of the crashing water helped keep her cautious of the edge. (even still I had to tell her to back away from the edge before she gave me a heart attack)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Get off your ass, Mom!

Lilly doesn't tolerate laziness. In fact, I'm convinced she could be an excellent personal trainer... if she didn't make me laugh so much when she did it.

This is "Lilly speak" for Get off your ass mom!! I need something to do!