Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Can I just say...

How unbelievably much I love this picture...

I took it this evening.  Then, feeling a little frisky, I downloaded a free photo editor so I could play with it.  It's called and it's quite awesome.  This particular feature is the 'oil paint' effect.  It's faboo!

I love this one too...

It's called "pensil sketch".  I can tweak the thickness of the pensil strokes to make the shading darker or lighter and everything... it's just plain cool! 

OOhh Ohhh!  And "sepia"...

Oh, be still my heart, that girl sure is pretty.

If any of these pictures strike your fancy, and you would like a high-res. copy to print out and hang on your fridge, or make as your desktop background... you can find them here:

Love ya,

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