Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Remember these...


Awwwww yeahhhhh!

Middle school.  Home Ec. class.  You totally thought you had accomplished something.  They taught you how to make 'real' food and make a felt pillow shaped like a cupcake.  I mean, really, what more is there to know?

Do you know WHY they taught you to make these delightful 'Hotdog Roll-Ups' (their words, not mine)?
Let me tell you.  (Hint: It's not because they're oh so good for you.)

They teach you how to make these because they want you to survive college.
Oh, those other classes tell you they're 'preparing you for college' all the time.  They're full of crap.  Home Ec class is teaching you how to SURVIVE!

Cuz, you see, when you're a broke college student with a $10 grocery budget - you need to know this stuff.
They're making sure than when you're at Aldi's and you see a package of unidentified carcass sticks (the 'proper' name for hotdogs)  for $.79 in the same case as a $.99 tube of generic crescent rolls - you can say to yourself, "Wait a minute, I know EXACTLY what to do with that!"  And then, you will go home and make yourself a 'delicious' meal...  Well, a meal anyway.


Never mind your moral objection to unidentified carcass sticks.  Now is not the time for such foolishness.
You just made an entire meal for $1...and you still have enough to do it again tomorrow.  THAT, my friends, is saying something!  (let's just hope it's not saying e.coli)

....hmmm... I know I have some of that Pepto Bismol around here somewhere...

Love ya like an unidentified carcass stick,

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