Thursday, March 3, 2011


Remember this...

It's the scene from my desk when I was working on pedigrees

Well, my desk recently got an upgrade. 

All I can say is that I never in a million years would have thought a 23" monitor could make a girl so happy.  It's bigger than the TV in my bedroom for heaven's sakes.  And the sound system... well, that had been sitting in a box on a shelf for a long time, but now it's rockin' out the Pandora like nobody's business.  (ok, maybe not "rocking"... it's played "easy listening" more than anything else so far - but it's still awesome)

Also, I would just like to say, Windows 7... rocks my socks.
And, of course, a sweet picture of Miss Lilly showing her little brother the good napping places.



  1. That's a wonderful upgrade!!!
    Mendel has grown so much bigger and Miss Lily is a darling too.

  2. Holy crap that is one heck of an upgrade! lol

  3. Wow! Very nice! Your first picture looks kind of like my computer desk, but I have a lot more papers thrown around:) Pedigrees, registrations, radiographs, notebooks...etc!


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