Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yay for more snow!

Yes, I know many are tired of the snow.  We are not among the many.

Fresh snow means a fresh covering on our back yard when it was starting to get a little gross.  It also means FUN!

Wrestle Pile
Mr. Rigel
So THAT's how the paint on top of the fence posts disappeared.
He's particularly cute today
Big brother showing him all the important things he needs to know... like digging.
So what other naughty things are you going to teach me today?
Can you hear the old west duel music playing?
Mendel's favorite battle tactic - dive under Lilly.  If she can't put her feet down, she can't beat you up.


  1. Beautiful dogs make beautiful snowy pictures!

  2. Too funny. But I am amongst those who are tired of snow. We still have FEET of it... ugh


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