Thursday, June 24, 2010

Criminology Paper

My very last semester of my college career includes a Criminology class. Sociology is not my major, but I do find it very interesting. I also find the professor who teaches it to be extremely interesting.

For the class, I will be writing a term paper using a criminologic theory to evaluate a particular kind of crime. Here is my proposal for the paper I plan to write.

Does Culture Play a Significant Role in the Prevalence of Dog Fighting Among Americans?
Subculture Theory in Evaluation of Dog Fighting Crimes.

I propose to consider subculture theory as it pertains to dog fighting crimes in the United States.  Culture, representing the norms that both guide behavior and determine the way behavior is judged by the majority, is a socially shared phenomenon.  A subculture, therefore, is a distinctive culture within a culture where norms and values differ from the majority.  Subculture theory in criminology argues that certain subcultures in society exhibit norms that may be conducive to participation in particular crimes and violence.  Subculture theory explains that these groups may create a sense of community to combat alienation and regain power by forming their own new and different culture.  This development of separate cultural norms among different ethnic and regional groups may explain the existence of cultures in the US where dog fighting is accepted despite the majority culture being in opposition to it.  Critical assessment of subculture theory in evaluation of dog fighting participation may help to understand how and why these behaviors continue to pervade in the United States despite their legal and social consequences.

Are you intrigued?  I am.  I'm quite excited about getting started on my research, especially regarding the history of dog fighting.  (my preliminary research has already revealed some facts I think most would find to be quite surprising)
You're going to have to be patient.  The paper isn't due until Thursday July 15 by 12:00 noon - so it won't be done until Thursday June 15 at 11:59am.  It's how I roll.


  1. You sound like me, although I probably wouldn't be starting it until 2 or 3 days before it's due:( Look forward to reading it!

  2. Well, the proposal was do 8 minutes after I submitted it online, so far so good. :)

  3. Good papers take time! What an interesting topic. The best thing is that you are passionate about the topic, otherwise papers are the worst thing ever to have to complete.

  4. Were you working on that paper veerry early this morning:)?

  5. Well, I go to work around 1am so early in the morning is a relative concept. :)
    I have recently come to the conclusion that it is morally wrong for anyone to have to go to work before the 24 hour McDonald's serves breakfast.

  6. I can't wait to read that paper.. I have something about that written on my blog, but I'm sure it will be nothing as elequent as what you will have written, My Blog is, its one of the older posts so you'll have to scroll to read it if you interested, I think I have sources named in it, which you can use for research if you need it.


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