Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Fake Father's Day Fishing Expedition

This past Wednesday, for fake Father's Day (since my parents are somewhere on the East coast right now, we had Father's Day early) my Dad, Grandpa, and I went on a little fishing trip.  (if my brother is reading this, he should know that he is currently on the sh*t list for not showing up to any of the fake Father's Day events)

Since Dad and I haven't figured out just exactly where in the world we would keep a boat if we got one, we still have to rent. (My kayak only holds one person and a dog or two.)  We went to Dittman's rentals and got an aluminum row boat on Shawano Lake.  I'm not just speaking for myself when I say we didn't really expect to catch much in the way of fish.  We never do.  Papa and I were in charge of picking out the boat and we immediately agreed that the one right next to the dock with a big fat night crawler in the bottom of it was a good choice. 

Apparently, the key to fishing for us is to come totally unprepared.  The first "big catch" happened only seconds after I dropped my line in the water.  I yanked a bit too hard to "set the hook" and launched my line clear over the other side of the boat.  I could have sworn I saw a tiny fish fly off and land in the boat.  It was on Dad and PaPa's side and they told me I was crazy, they didn't see any fish in the boat.  Five minutes later, sure enough, they finally discovered it.  I'm sure I gave that poor little perch the ride of his life.
Not long after, Dad baited his hook with the free night crawler from the bottom of the boat and caught a nice 18" Large Mouth Bass.  PaPa caught a nice Crappie, too.  I was the Queen of the baby fish (but I did catch a few nice pan fish).  According to Dad, catching those little tiny fish takes skill because they're hard to set the hook on.  I'm not sure what exactly that skill is useful for since you don't actually keep the babies, but I'll go with it. 


We had a blast!   

On a side note:  this picture was taken using my old broken camera.  It takes pictures, but you don't really know what you're taking a picture OF.  So, you just point it in the general direction and pray.  It took about 10 pictures, but I finally got this one.  I miss my camera.  It's somewhere on the East coast with Mom and Dad right now.  (and of course, we had a gorgeous sunset here the other night)

What, you ask, does any of this have to do with my dogs?
Well, none of the fishermen actually have any plans to eat any of these fish themselves.  They're all in the freezer waiting to become dog food.
As PaPa wisely said, "I ain't cleanin' no fish.  If I want fish I'll go order a perch plate at the supper club."

Happy Real Father's Day!

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  1. Wow, the dogs lucked out!
    I talked to the fish vendor at the market today. I had to introduce her to the whole concept of raw food, but hopefully am going to be able to get some fish trim from her for the dogs. She has dogs too, so she might end up being converted:)


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