Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Enjoying our Pond

Last year while shopping at Menard's I saw an all-in-one pond kit on sale for $50.  (just the pump in the box usually sells for more than that)  I decided I had to have it.  After all, I'd always thought a pond would be completely awesome.
I waited patently for the utility people to come make sure I wasn't going to dig up any important cables,  but that was all the patience I had.  I dug the hole, and in the process discovered a big heap of scrap metal that apparently the builders thought would be easier to bury than to properly dispose of.  The hole did not end up the size or shape I had planned out as a result of dealing with the metal, but I finally got it squared away and I was ready to put the liner in.  By the time the liner went in it was dusk, but I got it in and started filling the pond right away.  A couple days later I got 10 goldfish, two promptly died.  I got some pretty fake rocks to put around the pond and added some plants here and there.  Then... the real trouble started.
I noticed the water level in my pond was dropping quickly.  I had to add water every day.  At first I thought maybe this was a result of evaporation from my fountain, but after asking around I decided this wasn't the case.  I had a leak.
I bought a repair kit, caught the fish, emptied the water, vacuumed up the gravel, and crawled around on the very soggy bottom of my pond - FOUND IT!  I patched the hole and all has been well ever since.

Here's a video I made recently of the dogs and me enjoying the pond.  The first two pictures are from last year, post leak.  It really was starting to look pretty nice.  The last two pictures are what the pond looks like today.  The eight original goldfish are still going strong, and they are much less shy than they used to be.

I can't wait till the flowers start to get bigger and bloom.  I just love my pond!

**In case you're wondering, this is the title music for Forrest Gump while the feather is flying around.  It's one of my very favorite tunes... and one of my favorite movies (that has one of my favorite actors in it).**


  1. The pond is looking great!
    My son-in-law put one in in the back yard of their house and has worked tirelessly on it for about five years. It is quite a show place now with waterfalls (their house sits on a slope) and a patio with firepit.
    The problem he has had this year is the blue herrons go fishing in the pond, they have made off with about five of his fish. Hope you don't get the same problem.
    I do envy you your pond. It is awesome.

  2. I have heard that if you put a statue of a blue heron in the pond, others won't come to feed there. However, you have to keep moving the statue around every few days or they catch on. Luckily, I live very much in the city and don't have heron problems.


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