Sunday, December 19, 2010


***Note, this post was written a week ago, but clearly never posted for some reason.  It seems a little lame to post it now, but I'm going to do it anyway just because the picture is so pretty.** 

Let me show you what it looks like in my neck of the woods right now.  I'm the red X.

radar you are here

Isn't it just positively BEAUTIFUL!?!
I have been very impatiently waiting for this.  My skis, they have been feeling so terribly neglected.  This afternoon the dogs and I headed outside to prepare the yard for all the snow.  Last year I forgot to take the kayak down before the first big snowfall.  Trying to get it down with a foot of snow on top of it darn near killed me.  Who knew snow could be so heavy?  It was much easier this time, and I finished the task with much less snow down my shirt. 

I have been cooking because, well, there's not a whole lot else to do.  If you're lucky, I'll show you what I made later.   


  1. I'm jealous.

    We have NO snow. Its Vermont. That's just sad :(

  2. You must be so excited for the snow!!
    I don't think it is terribly exciting for those stuck at the airports or in traffic jams or car accidents! BUT the dogs love it!!! So ENJOY!!!!

  3. Snow is the best!
    Especially when there is no place to go:)


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