Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two 'fer... Thursday?

The baby's breeder just posted pictures and I simply couldn't help but share.

I am going to make my official guess as to which Boy and Girl I will like the best.  This doesn't take into account structure since I can't really tell that yet, but I do happen to be one of those people that falls for pretty heads.  I know better than to be fooled by pretty heads, but I still love them.

So, for the boys, I'm going with Green Boy:

Green Face
Can I just say that I think this is the best puppy picture ever?  I do.

Green Head

and for the girls, I'm picking Purple Girl:

Purple face

Purple head


  1. Congratulations on your puppy being born!
    They are both gorgeous.
    I am a sucker for heads too:)

    Thank you for comment on my post, the handler tried liver tonight at conformation class and Leroy wasn't to fond of it. However he did move well on the floor mats tonight. I am beginning to think that he is just messing with me.
    I am going to try and keep searching for just the right thing.

  2. Yay to new puppies!!! I would take both.... lord, how can you choose?

    However, I think my next dog is going to be a female. I love the temperament of female dogs.

  3. The two little puppies are so cute!

    I love puppies, I love their smell, their touch, the ways they walk and run... There is so much fun to see how they grow !

  4. Oh my, cute little fluff balls. Have fun choosing one:)

  5. Jen, Liver can be a hit and miss one. Some dogs despise it. I find a nice rare cooked stake cut into cubes is quite often irresistible once dogs get a taste of it. I warm it up and put it on a paper towel to let the juices run off before I put it in a bait bag. Another thing we use a lot is Jack Link's jerky - if the dog will go for it. I like it b/c I don't mind putting it in my OWN mouth to hold onto it and it's at least much cleaner in a bait bag. My friend's Berner loves duck (she gets those dried duck breast treats) and then there's always the "floppy meat". Lots of dogs perk right up when you wave a piece of lunch meat in front of them. My Bailey used to refuse to eat treats when he was nervous. After he relaxed a little I could always get him to eat Bill Jac Liver training treats, they have a strong smell which can help.

    Other Jen, when you're looking at the price tag of these guys it makes it much easier to pick just one. :) I am really glad that I'll get to see a handful of them grow up, though.

  6. Oh my both are just beautiful. You're right, that green boy pix is just a perfect puppy pix!
    Can't wait to hear about the sled race.


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