Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's love

Allow me to introduce you to the reason it is essential that I ski on a daily basis from now until the snow is gone:


It never fails, the snow begins to fall and I begin to have intense cravings for hot chocolate.  The chocolate wine I picked up on my recent Door County wine tour sure doesn't hurt.  It's magically delicious straight from the bottle, not that I would ever drink wine from the bottle or anything.  

And, of course, my baby is 3 weeks old now - I wouldn't want to deprive you of baby pictures.

Green head
I'm still loving Green Boy's head.  
So far he doesn't appear to have a very strong personality, but I'm keeping my eye on him.

Clearly, he's a little drunk on the milk here.  :)

I'm told that Red is just like his Daddy.  Similar head, has some biscuit coloring.
(Biscuit is the slightly tan-ish color Samoyeds can have, they're not always all white)

Apparently, Mr Orange is seriously mellow. 
I'm keeping a close eye on him, he might be a good choice for me. 

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some hot chocolate calling my name. 


  1. Hot chocolate, skiing and puppies....what a life!

  2. Chocolate wine! It sounds so GOOD for this season. The lil pup is so so cute!

  3. I never knew there was such a thing as chocolate wine! I am going to have to look for that!

    The puppy pictures are great! What a tough decision!

    Hey-I ran out and got Leroy a Bible today so he study up for this weekend!
    I can't believe they mispelled that on a show site:)


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