Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jen at Cabin Fever is a Rock Star, just sayin'

If you read my blog with any real regularity, it's probably pretty apparent that I'm a bit scatter-brained at times.  Not with everything.  There are many things I know like the back of my hand and I can be very particular and precise about.

Usually it's the details of things where I tend to get lost.  I am simply not a very detail oriented person with most things.  Friends will ask me if I noticed the terribly ugly shoes somebody was wearing at the mall, and I can pretty much guarantee you the answer is 'no'.  I probably don't even know what shoes *I* happen to be wearing, or if they matched.  When I meet people for the first time, it's pretty common that I have forgotten their name less than 3 minutes after they told me (if I meet their dog, you can bet I'll remember his name, though).  When riding in the car somebody might point something out to me and I'll have forgotten they pointed it out by the time we pass it on the way back in the other direction, it will be completely new to me.   If I had a significant other and he got angry because it seems like I don't pay attention when he says things to me, he'd have a perfectly valid complaint.  (Fortunately, my dogs never seem to mind.)  This is one of my worst qualities.

I've been working on trying to get better about this for years.  I am reminded on an almost daily basis that I need to try harder.  A lot harder.

Last month Jen over at Cabin Fever in Vermont had a photography contest like she does every month.  I love her photography contests.  She comes up with great topics every time.  The subject for November was "Thankful" photos.  Excellent topic!!

It was a pretty easy choice for my photo entries.  I can think of very few things I am more thankful for than this guy:

  beautiful bail     

I remember the Saturday morning I took this picture.  One of many Saturday mornings I spent laying on the floor taking endless pictures of my pets while we lazed around in the sun pouring through the window.  After I snapped this particular picture I crawled over next to Bailey and snuggled right up next to him, which of course prompted him to turn over on his side so I could rub his belly while he took a nap. 

Hmmm... I don't seem to have much trouble remember THOSE details.

The sun doesn't pour in the windows anymore because I work nights and have blackout curtains blocking it out, and Bailey doesn't often sleep on the floor anymore because his orthopedic bed (or my bed) is much easier on his sore joints... but we're still professional nappers around here.

At the end of the month Jen announced the winners and there he was, my boy and his bunny, one of the winning photos.  Below the photo it said to contact Jen to claim our prize.  

And here it sneaks up on me again, that attention to detail I seem to have so much trouble with.  I didn't even know the winner was to get a prize.  When I sent the e-mail to claim my prize I honestly had no idea what I had won.  Imagine my surprise when a $50 gift certificate for from Jen at Cabin Fever showed up in my 'In Box'.  

Let's just say I have a bit of an addiction.  I buy so much stuff they gave me a one year free trial of their "Prime" membership so I even get free shipping.  What a totally SWEET prize!  I pondered for days what I should buy with my winnings.

I finally decided on this book... and a kong for the new baby, of course


It's a book aimed at teaching you to pick apart the structure of a dog and understand what exactly it is about a dog that makes him look "correct" or not.  Often the differences are very subtle that it requires a "skilled eye" to see them.  I'm working on developing that "eye".

It's just another attempt on my part to get better at that whole paying attention to the details thing.  :)

One step at a time... one step at a time...

Thanks Jen, your blog is one of my favorites!!


  1. I felt so much better after reading your second paragraph because I know I'm not alone anymore, LOL!

    Congratulations on winning the $50 gift certificate! Enjoy reading the book while Bailey is having fun with the new kong!

  2. That is a lovely shot of Bailey with his 'coat coordinated rabbit':)
    Congrats on your win and enjoy the book!

  3. Aww! Thank you!! :D

    I am so happy that you used the gift certificate for something fun for the new puppy. My dogs love those. And that book! Good luck changing your perspective and noticing the little things. It's fun to look at things differently :)

  4. Congrats on winning the contest....good choices for your prize money. Bailey is a beauty.


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