Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Monthly Mendel: 7 Months

We actually did get the pictures on the very day Mendel turned 7 months old, but I didn't get them posted right away.  I know... you're shocked.

Let's start with my favorite

head shot 3

head shot 4

head shot 2

And now, here's my quick public service announcement:

Last month, at Mendel's first show, we were informed that we needed to do a better job of cleaning his ears.  Well, more accurately the hair around his ears, because they tend to get greasy.
This time I made sure to get some dish soap and really work on his ear hair when we were getting pretty for his monthly pictures.  At the time I thought it seemed like the soap was awfully bad at really working up a lather, but I didn't think much more of it.  I figured maybe it was just something about his coat.  Then, earlier this week I had grease on my hands form cooking and I used the same dish soap to help cut the grease and get them clean.  What I learned is that I had purchased the most ineffective dish soap on the face of the earth.  
Generally I make an effort to buy earth friendly cleaning products whenever I see them (and can afford them).  Last time I bought dish soap I got this because it's pear scented and I love fruity scents such as peach and pear.


Never again!  This stuff is crap.  It doesn't really impress me if a product is earth friendly if it doesn't work.
Don't buy it!  Even if it smells good.

head shot  

Mendel and me 7 mo

Mendel 7 mo 7

Mendel 7 mo best

Mendel 7 mo 3

Mendel 7 mo 2

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  1. Mendel you are so handsome! Love the pictures.

    Mack & Murph


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