Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Urban Mushing

Recently Mendel and I have been going for short runs in the cool morning.  Well, he's been running, I've been roller blading.  Since I hurt my hip flexor last month I couldn't run even if I wanted to. (Why oh why does that take SO long to heal?)  We've been going partly to wear him out so can get a full "night's" sleep, but also to start encouraging him to run in harness.  So far, he's doing wonderfully and having lots of fun.  Lilly went with us this morning and she is less enthused about it.  She thinks we go too fast because she likes to window shop for wildlife when out for a stroll.  Not only does Mendel have longer legs than she does, he moves at a trot MUCH faster than she does - it's all about those angles.  I think she has resigned from our sled team.  She prefers the mascot position. 

Here's some video from this past weekend when we took a trip over to my parents' nice quiet neighborhood for a run.

If you're interested in more info about the equipment we used, check out the post on my Photo 51 site.

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  1. Mendel is so cute, look at his fluffy tail, it's so beautiful. I'm sure he enjoyed the walk / run a lot. He wanted to zoom!!!


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