Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not a Fan of 8am

I work nights.  Usually I don't get home from work until about 4 or 5 in the morning.  I try to stay up late on the weekends in order to keep some semblance of a schedule going.  Usually I only make it until around 2 or 3.

Yesterday it was ungodly hot out and the dogs barely left the house for more than a quick trip to the yard to go potty.  Then, last night we went to bed at around 1am.  This all lead to a house full of wired dogs by 7 this morning and they weren't taking "go back to bed" for an answer.  Since I refuse to go to the dog park on the weekends after 9am (because there are simply too many dogs and too few dogs under control) I decided it seemed like a reasonable plan to head to the park.

It was positively gorgeous!  It was still around 65 degrees at that time, and the nice wooded park was even cooler.  Mendel and Lilly ran their little tails off.  I can't believe I forgot to bring my camera... but I was still half asleep.

When we got home we went out in the back yard for a little bit and I realized the rising sun was shining on the dogs beautifully.


So I ran in the house and grabbed the camera.
I'd been wanting to get a picture of the 3 of them together for a while, now.  


Oh, dear, Mendel.




I had to return Mendel to his spot a couple times, but overall I was very impressed with how well they all did.


It was a little tricky because with the trees behind us it was easy for one of them to get in a shadow.


And here's my favorite:

It's just such a perfect representation of the three of them.  Mendel and Lilly just smiling away while Bailey casts his inconvenienced glare just to make sure everybody knows just who the boss is around here.

These pictures were posed.  I asked them to sit and lay down and they did it without too much trouble.  But, just to prove that they do in fact like each other enough to share the same relative space on their own volition, here is a picture I took the other day when I was cooking myself something for lunch and turned around to click "I'm still listening" on my pandora player.  
My camera makes a noise when it turns on so Mendel and Lilly looked... I'm sure Bailey didn't even hear it.


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  1. Fabulous photos! Mendel has a beautiful smiley face. Bailey and Lilly look great too.


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