Monday, August 10, 2009

Lily Lake

Monday morning... 7am... Lily Lake... on a kayak... with my Lilly.

Mondays don't get much better than that. Nope.

I'd never been to Lilly Lake before. I kinda forgot there would be a launch fee. I had no money with me. So, these videos were made during an illegal boating trip.
I'm sorry. I'll pay double next time. I swear.

First, I gotta show off my new rig. Well, cuz I gotta. I love it. Might even sell the old rack.
Once you go flat, you never go back, I guess.

Here's a one minute tour of Lily Lake:

Yes, I noticed the price tag is still on my paddle. I didn't notice it right away, and now I'm afraid it will leave my paddle all sticky if I try to get it off.
Just for the record, I got it for free with my kayak. I know how to drive a hard bargain.
Or maybe I just asked, and the guy gave it to me. Maybe.

Lilly Lake isn't very big, and it's extremely shallow in a lot of places. Frankly, I can't believe people take motorized boats on it. We went over a few submerged logs that I was really hoping wouldn't scrape the keel of the kayak. Not that it would have been a problem for the boat, but I was concerned about it spooking a certain passenger. (that's happened before)
And winding up swimming back to shore. (that hasn't happened yet, thankfully)
That might have ruined my lovely Monday morning.

We saw some pretty good sized fish. They liked hanging out in all the weeds. Fishing in that stuff would be a nightmare. I don't imagine you get your lures back if you let them sink.
Saw a couple turtles, too, hanging out in the muck on the bottom.
And a couple beer cans. They were hanging out by the turtles. People suck.

These next two videos are mostly boring. But, they make me happy. If they don't make you happy, you probably wouldn't like kayaking with me much.
I mostly made them so I can watch them in the dead of winter and torture myself. That's just the kinda gal I am. Crank up your speakers so you can hear my lovely paddling. It's kinda the whole point of the videos.

Please forgive Lilly's crying. She can't help it. In the second video, she was ready to head back in and wanted to make sure I knew it. I think she also needed to go potty.

Also, please excuse the paddle leash cord. I'm afraid to go without it. Very afraid.
You know the saying...


**Note:  The top picture in this post is actually from a trip to Bear Paw lake the year before.  I just really like it, so I'm posting it again.  Don't tell anybody, k?**

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