Monday, August 31, 2009

Only 3 more days?

That's right. School starts back up on Thursday. I'm not ready to go back yet. I feel like I didn't do enough fun stuff this summer. Then again, I pretty much always feel that way when summer starts winding down. I'm lazy. Laziness keeps me from getting off my butt and doing something fun far too often.

So, for the next three days, I'm going to tell the story of something fun I did this summer. Perhaps it will make me feel more accomplished. Perhaps not. But, damn it, I'm gonna try.

Let's start with the Machickanee. Say it with me: Ma-Chick-A-Knee.

The dogs like to play there. I like to sit and look at the water... and the sky.

Sometimes we hike in the forest, but this year we didn't much. The tick issues we had early in the summer just pretty much made me want to stay out of the woods at all cost. If I ever find my frikin' disposable camera with all the pics from that adventure (and get it developed) , maybe I'll tell you about it. Then again, maybe not. I'm not sure how I feel about that weekend yet... for many reasons.

Anyway. This is called the Machickanee Flowage.

Isn't it pretty? It's really just a piece of the Oconto river, but it flows through the Machickanee Forest. There may be some other reason its named that, but I don't know it.

The other fabulous part is that before you make the left turn to head over here... you can make a right turn, and head over to the cheese shop. Oh, the wonderful cheese shop. There, you can buy fresh cheese curds every day. There are no pictures of this. I was a little busy stuffing my face.

This is the first thing Bailey must do when he is presented with a large patch of lush green grass.

Oh, grass. How I love you. Sail away with me.

It makes him oh so happy.

Lilly, as usual, is all smiles.

Molly came with us on this day, too.

It doesn't take long at all for Bailey to find trouble.

I told him if he gets arrested, he better call Grandma to bail him out.

There's swimming, too.

And ridiculous posed photos that the dogs think are exceptionally stupid.

No, Mom, we don't WANT to sit still. We sat still the whole way here - now it's time to PLAY!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I might take the dogs to the Machickanee today.
Or maybe I'll just keep sitting on my butt right here.
I haven't decided yet.

Mmmmmm cheeeeesee cuuuuurdsssss....

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