Monday, September 7, 2009

Bear Paw with Bobbi Jo

Remember when I said I was going to spend the next three days blogging about fun things I did this summer? And then I didn't do it? Things like A&W Root Beer and greenhouses got in the way.

What can I say, I temporarily lost interest. Sorry. On we go. Here is the second installment.

Bobbi Jo and her little boy, Ethan, were home from Texas in July. On a whim, we decided to spend a Friday night at Bear Paw Lake in Mountain. I love it there. It's quiet, fairly undeveloped as far as camping areas go, and the Lake is small and beautiful. I particularly like to Kayak there.

After we arrived and set up camp, we headed to the lake. Ethan jumped right in.


So did the dogs.




The trip back to camp was not joyous. Foolishly, we walked down to the lake. It was farther than we had estimated. By the time we headed back, Ethan was wet and cold, very cold. We brought no towels, no spare clothes, nothing. So, Ethan (and his sopping wet diaper) rode on my shoulders the whole way back so we could make it back quickly. Unfortunately, Ethan didn't think that was the best way to do things, and he fought me the whole way. There was no other way either of us was strong enough to carry him that far, and if we let him walk he would be a popsicle by the time we got back. Carrying a soaking wet kid on your shoulders a long distance while fighting the whole time to keep him up there is hard work. We walked as fast as we could.

I would officially like to thank my wonderful mutts for their cooperation in this blunder. They marched along with us and didn't give me one ounce of crap about it.

Once we finally made it back, Ethan had fun playing in the dirt.


I hung up my shirt and pants to dry, walking around in shorts and a damp sports bra for a while.


You can thank me later for no pictures of me walking around in my shorts and a sports bra.

Meanwhile, Lilly worked up a monster drool. Lilly never drools. I can only guess this might have been a result of being a little stressed since she has very little experience dealing with toddlers. She did really great, though.


I built a fire so we could eat dinner.
That's right. I am capable of building a fire. ALL by myself.

Wha'da ya mean that log's too big?

It's hard to focus on dinner when there's so much cool stuff to go look at, and so much dirt to play in.


If you're not dirty, you're not camping.


By the time it started to get dark, Lilly was pooped right out.


The next morning, Bobbi Jo and Ethan left early.
Later in the morning it started to sprinkle out so the dogs and I went back in the tent and took a nap. I just love the sound of rain in a tent.

When we were ready to go, it was still sprinkling lightly. I wanted to get going, so I just packed everything up and figured I would just have to set up the tent at home to dry it out. It sprinkled the WHOLE time I packed up.

I was annoyed.

Come on Mom, let's blow this joint already!

We got in the car, pulled out of the campground, and about 100 yards down the road the skies let loose and it down-poured.

I wasn't annoyed anymore.

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