Thursday, September 17, 2009


The stockpile is dwindling. The freezer landscape is becoming barren.
Let's just keep it real - Lilly is getting concerned about her food resources. What can I say, the girl knows what's important in life... and food is one of those things.

And you know what dwindling food supply means? Time to post an add on 'craplist'.

Wanted: Raw Meat
Cleaning out your freezer? My dogs would be happy to eat any freezer burned raw meat you have so it doesn't go to waste!

I don't think I've ever posted an add without getting at least something out of it. And this time was no exception.
You see, a nice couple in Door County just happened to be cleaning out their freezer because they bought a quarter of beef recently. They didn't even realize THIS was sitting in their freezer:


Now, it's sitting in our freezer... and Lilly is licking her chops.
(The guy works at Georgia Pacific, so I didn't even have to drive to Door County to get it! SWEET!)

When I mention that my dog eats raw meat for dinner, I get lots of different reactions. Most of them include disbelief. Lots of people are of the impression that it is strictly against the 'rules'. By now you should know I don't really believe in 'rules'. I'm a radical like that.

I won't get into all the finer points of raw feeding. But, I will say that if you're really looking to feed your dog a healthy diet - I strongly recommend you look into raw prey model feeding. That's all I'll say about that.

Anyway, a lot of people think feeding raw is 1) expensive 2) labor intensive
Let me first say I put less work into feeding Lilly (my raw-fed dog) than I do into feeding Bailey (my kibble fed old man). I only turn my kitchen into a murder scene about once a month. I really don't find it to be all that bad. And as for the expense, again, Lilly eats cheaper. (and that big box of free steaks is just the beginning of why)

This is what the freezer was looking like this morning - a sure sign it's about that time again.

This is the official 'thaw bowl'. It's a perfect size to fit a bunch of meat for thawing so I can portion it out, and it fits in the fridge. I fill it up with strategic ingredients and let it thaw for 2-3 days in the fridge so I can cut everything up easily. Over half of the stuff in this bowl was free.

Then, the fun starts:

Chopping and hacking and mixing and divvying.

Ever container needs at least some liver, but not too much.

This is how I deal with eggs that are going to go bad before I can use them - just stick em in the freezer. These just go right into the containers and get frozen along with the rest of the portioned out meal. Yummy!

It's hard to get the job done without at least one sad, starving face.
A hunk of meat is usually enough to turn the frown upside-down.

The finished products.
(and a bone for Lilly to chew on tonight so I can go to bed early without protest)

See? Now wasn't that easy? Nothing to it.
Lilly is perfectly happy to eat her dinner frozen solid, and I like it because its great for her teeth and it slows her down a little. So, when I feed her, all I have to do is run water on the outside of the container for a second and it pops right out onto her dinner mat.

I won't show you the lake of blood in the bottom of the thaw bowl. Or my sink.

You can thank me later.

Sometimes, the mixture includes a can of green tripe. Now, THAT takes true love.
I sure hope that little dog realizes how much I love her.

Love ya like a free steak,

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