Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Machickanee Vol 2

Lilly was nearing the point of cranial explosion today. She was soooooo bored.
So, I did what any good parent would do. I packed up the stuff and drove to a place where the dogs could run and I could sit on my butt, do nothing, and watch them.

Before we took a left to head to the dock, we of course took a right to head to the cheese store. And of course I got cheese curds. I was hungry for more than just cheese curds, though, so I stopped at A&W. At the window, the two girls oogled at Bailey an Lilly for a minute, then asked me if they could have doggie sundays. WHAT? Doggie sundays? I've never been offered such a thing. I wasn't sure if Bailey would eat it, but I knew Lilly would be all over it, so I caved and said yes.

Lucky Dogs


Bailey couldn't manage to focus on eating his, so it just sat there and melted until I finally just gave it to Lilly. Don't worry, I shared my chicken strips with him instead.




When we got to the dock, they commenced to running around
and I commenced to eating my dinner.

Hello Beautiful. Nice to see ya.

Bailey was sure to get in a signature roll in the grass... with a new twist.
Now there is a Michael Jordan tongue included in the move.

Of course there was opportunity to get as stinky as possible in the swampy river water.

And for stalking.

And... prancing like a pony?
(I completely LOVE this picture!)

Then, while they played, I started getting all artsy-fartsy with the camera.

See that, how I made the pretty flowers in focus and left the river a little out of focus?
Oooohh... pretty.
(This would actually be quite simple if my camera wasn't auto-focus)

I'm still undecided as to how much I like this one.

This one I really like.

Then, we took another road to some Iron Bridge. I never went this way before so I didn't really know what we would find. Pretty much, it' a big rusty bridge going over the Oconto river. It was quite pretty.


"Hey Mom, would ya hurry it up, please?"

And the water was gorgeous. I just love it when the water sparkles in the sun.



I prayed today. Which is strange. I don't believe in god. I guess I was looking for all the help I could get.
It happened right after I heard the shudder of my camera and saw this picture flash on my LCD screen.


Please, god, let this picture be in focus...
and let it be high enough resolution that I can blow it up and frame

I will cherish that picture forever.

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  1. Silly girl, you live with God every day. Dog is God spelled backwards. He gets excited when you come to Him just like Lilly and Bailey do. He loves you no matter what you do nor how cranky you are. He will protect you from harm. AND He will help to make really cool pictures turn out when you ask him.


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