Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bay Beach

Contrary to popular belief, I like kids.
Well, some kids.
Some kids I really like a lot.
Some kids I really miss.

When I was dating Tracy, his friend had two little kids.  I really miss those kids.
They were little demon children when they were with their parents, but when it was just us it was a totally different story.  I may have been the only person who gave them the attention they craved... and the only person to ever read to them.  I hope I'm not the only person who ever brought them to Bay Beach and the Wildlife sanctuary.
I can't even imagine how big they must be now.

I like to borrow kids.  They're so much more fun that way.  Its easy for me to come up with really fun things to do with kids because I don't have to feed, clothe, and entertain them every day of their lives.

Remember a while back when I lied and promised I was going to tell you about things I did this summer.  I got around to telling you some of the things I did, but I left one out.  Perhaps it was a conscious omission, perhaps not.  I haven't decided yet.

Anyway, Deanne and I took CJ and Zachery to Bay Beach on a beautiful summer Friday afternoon.  We took tons of pictures and tried to make a video of them.  I'm not very good at making videos and the program on my computer seems to be defective - it locks up a lot.  It pretty much failed miserably.  I haven't had time to fix it.

This is a clip I managed to get loaded, if you wish to watch it.

Here are some pictures:

We had to convince CJ he wouldn't get in trouble for having his hat on sideways to take this one.

CJ was facinated with the wheels.


That's right... they picked the pink bug all on their own.
What ever would their fathers say?


Waiting in line is hard.



Cute, cute, cute!

We saved the Ferris Wheel for last.

CJ was a fan.


That last one might be part of the reason I didn't post this last month.

I really miss some kids.


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