Sunday, October 4, 2009

THE Pancake

This is a love story.  A love story about a pancake.  A pancake of eggy perfection.  A pancake that could stop your heart with one bite.  Literally.
The recipe for this pancake is in my cookbook/binder as "Best Pancakes EVER".  I found it years ago somewhere online.  I haven't got a clue where.  From what I understand, they're not all that uncommon.  I don't make them often - you will soon see why.  But, when I do, they never disappoint.  They are pure magic.

Last time I made them it was summer.  Strawberries and Blueberries were in abundant supply.  (Oh, what I wouldn't give to have strawberries and bluberries in abundant supply year-round.)  I decided to make a berry syrup to put on top of my pancakes this time.

 Toss the berries in pan and let them cook down.  A sprinkle of sugar might be a nice touch.

Then, a heavy oven safe dish (or even pan) with 1/3 stick butter needs to go in the oven to melt the butter.

Now, time to make the batter:

4 eggs
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup half and half

I officially do not recommend whole wheat flour.  I tried it this particular time.  Pretty much ruined the whole thing.  They did not live up to their full potential at all.  Let's be real - If you can't bring yourself to use the white ultra refined flour, you probably haven't gotten past the 1/3 stick of butter anyway, right?

The batter will make 2 - 3 pancakes, depending on how big you decide to make them.  1 pancakes is plenty for one serving.

Tilt the baking dish to butter all sides.  Pour 1/2 to 1/3 of batter into butter.  (You would need 2 dishes to make 2 at a time.)

Pop it into a 425 degree oven and watch the magic happen.

Oh me!


Oh my!


Oh baby!

When the pancake is golden brown on top, remove it from the oven.  Use whatever means necessary to remove it from the baking dish/pan.  The pancake will collapse and shrivel a bit, don't worry, all is well.


Now, you can just sprinkle your beautiful pancake with a little lemon juice and powdered sugar.


But, as you recall, I have some delicious berry syrup cooking.


Oh, see, now that's just perfection!

(Remember, this one was made with whole wheat flour - yours likely won't be this dark)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some pancakes to make.

Love ya like a delicious pancake,

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