Friday, October 2, 2009

Just call her Orkin Dog

The rodent population in Green Bay is seriously lacking in the brain department. I don't know if it's that they're just so used to not having much stuff around that wants to kill them, or what - but they do some seriously foolish things.

A while back, the cats (who were only outside in their enclosure off the back of the house) nabbed a Chipmunk and dragged it into the house. *thanks guys*

Both the dogs and the cats regularly grab voles that are stupid enough to run right along the house in front of them.

Yesterday, Lilly was out on her tie-out surveying her domain when apparently, a vole was dumb enough to attempt running through the grass. I looked out the window to check on her and saw her pouncing toward a spot in the grass, then leaping backward like she'd been bit on the nose. I knew she had something, but it was small enough I couldn't see it in the grass. I turned and ran full speed to grab my video camera, tripping over Bailey (who had no idea what we were so excited about) the whole way.

At one point, before I got the video camera on, she flung the creature up in the air. I don't imagine it was for the purpose of me seeing what she had, but that's when I realized it was a vole. Those damn voles. Who do they think they are living under my house?

Anyway, I started recording just in case she did something funny - which is damn near inevitable with my mutts.
What she did, was be a little stinker! I'm sure she would have eaten it sooner or later, but I ended up taking it away just to avoid having to worry about worming her... and to avoid vole guts smeared on her face.

This video still makes me laugh...

Love ya like a fresh caught rodent,

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