Friday, October 2, 2009

Bailey, you're such a dork!

That's what I said to him last night.

He doesn't really care.

I got a good laugh, though.

Bailey gets Joint Strong for his old man joints, especially his hips. Its a really great powdered supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin and other great vitamins and minerals for joint health. I had tried giving him other 'lesser' and cheaper supplements, but he's a very pick eater. He wants nothing to do with tablets of any kind. I think the Joint Strong is a really great product. I noticed a definite improvement when I started him on it, and I know others who also like it for their dogs. Ok, that's enough product endorsement for now.

Back to Bailey, the dork.

A couple days ago, Bailey's Joint Strong was empty. (and by empty, I mean it only had a few little crumbs left in it) I threw the lid in the garbage and the plastic container in the bag of recyclables by the back door and opened a new one. Then, I pretty much forgot about it.


Last night Bailey and Lilly got some bones from the grocery store. They don't get them a lot, and I know technically the hard weight-barring bones from cows are not all that good for them. But, they like them, and we don't really like following rules very much around here.

Bailey likes to take all his really good stuff into his kennel. He knows Lilly wouldn't dare try to steal anything of his out of there. Sometimes he gets so much stuff stockpiled that I have to clear out his kennel so he can lay down in it. Of course, Bailey took his bone to his kennel while Lilly chewed on hers in the living room.

When I headed to bed, Bailey was still in his kennel working on his bone. I saw something strange out of the corner of my eye. What the heck is that?

"Bailey, you're such a dork!"

Like I said, Bailey likes to hide all his good stuff in his kennel with him.

Perhaps that would be a good endorsement for Joint Strong.

"So good you're dog will swipe it from the recycle bin and hide it in his kennel to lick every last crumb out!"


Kids, I tell ya!

Love ya like an empty container of Joint Strong,

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