Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Desperate times

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year.  This morning, when I got done with work the humidity was at 100%.  You could actually see the water hanging in the air under the big flood lights on the outside of the building.  Right now, the humidity has dropped to a mere 80%, with a temperature approaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  It literally sucks the air right out of me to walk outside.  Thank god for indoor elliptical machines or I would have remained sedentary for the entire day.

Lilly has a show this coming weekend.  She's on schedule to earn her 3rd Rally Novice leg resulting in a new title!  We haven't practiced in quite a while.  Usually, we practice outside, particularly at tennis courts nearby.  That's just not happening today.

Desperate times call for desperate measures...


Lilly and I find the "Bailey obstacle" to be most challenging.


  1. LOL! I have never seen training like this. What a brilliant pic. I hope it worked. :)

  2. Great thinking!
    Good luck in the rally!

  3. I love it! Very creative training. I've done something similar with Emmett and Lucas in winter, and it turned out to be a great way to keep things interesting. Good luck this weekend!


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