Friday, August 13, 2010

Exciting things

Yesterday, Bailey and Lilly's CGC ribbons arrived from AKC.

It's a little lame that I ordered two ribbons at $10 a piece, but I thought they would be great for getting some pictures taken.  I'll have to decide where I want to do the pictures.

 Tomorrow morning Lilly and I are headed to Milwaukee for what will hopefully be our 3rd Rally Novice leg and a new title.  Fingers and paws crossed! 

I have an obsession with sewing lately and simply couldn't pass up this pink fabric the other day so I decided to make Lilly her very own bag.  We'll use it for her show stuff when we travel.
I'm considering getting letters for each of her titles and adding them to the bag.


The shoulder strap is still not on it, but I'm thinking I better get to bed since I have lots of driving to do tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, we'll come home with another pretty ribbon! 

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  1. Cute bag! And that iron looks like one I had:)
    I think it's kind of sad that you had to pay for the CGC ribbons. Shouldn't one be included if you are successful?
    Good luck and have a safe trip tomorrow!


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