Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lilly is not a "short coated, bat eared, cow hocked Samoyed"... but she plays one on TV.  (not really)

We've already established that she's got a familiar smile, but the similarities don't end there.  The other day I was reading a breed description on that mentioned "[Samoyeds] are prone to digging shallow "wallows" in hot weather; they will typically just turn over a layer of dirt to get to the cooler earth just below the surface."  This isn't a trait only held by Sams, but it sure is something Miss Lilly has in common with them.

This "wallow" on the other side of our fire pit is one of her more well established ones.  I've let her keep it for a while because it's not in my walking path and therefor unlikely less likely to cause me to break my neck, ankle, or other important body part.

(pardon the focus, this was taken through the back screen door)

Apparently, a fresh layer of dirt needed to come out of it today.


I thought she was so adorable peeking around the fire pit to see what Bailey was up to that I just had to run and get my camera.


  1. Ha, thats too cute! It looks like she is half checking to see if she is in trouble or missing out on something better.

  2. Hi Amanda.
    I read your comment about harnesses from Kathi's blog. I'm the owner of Eva the Sheltie lol :)
    Lilly is so adorable! Samoyed or not, bat-eared or not, she's a beautiful girl! Congrats on her CGC!

  3. Sherman digs spots in the yard when he is hot too. He is the only newf that I have had that does this. It's amazing to watch him do it because he is so determined to get the spot big enough for him!

  4. There are a few wallows around our place too, but usually under the hedge. Cute shot:)


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