Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wrapping up

The dog shows are wrapping up, and Lilly is about ready to sleep for a week.  I'm planning to take some pictures today.  Hopefully I'll get some good ones. 

The other day I mentioned that sometimes Lilly stacks beautifully, and sometimes not so much.
Here's one of those beautiful stacks.
She's hip high and has straight shoulders, but she uses what she has well.

It's really too bad she can't show, she thinks it looks pretty fun.
(And she LOVES to sit ringside and snap up any treats a handler happens to toss her way)


She actually moves better than a lot of dogs I see in in the ring, which is kinda sad.
... but good for her.

June 1 2010

 She's actually got pretty nice timing, and she doesn't really interfere underneath too much. 
(though she's definitely got more power from behind)

June 1 2010

Which is why we'll be sticking to low impact fun agility.  
I don't want to see her front end fall apart from the pounding.  I've already got one dog falling apart because of his poor structure, I don't want to do it again.

And with that, I must go pack and get ready to head to the show.

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  1. She does have beautiful movement!
    Pity she can't show - she's a beautiful dog.


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