Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting Ready

Tonight (or tomorrow morning, however you look at it) after work, Lilly and I are headed to Lake Elmo, MN for a Samoyed Specialty, Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty, and an all breed show.  I'm super excited because my awesome mentor from the West Coast will be in town with her lovely Miss Dora (who will be showing in the Berner Specialty as a Veteran) and Rico (who you may remember from yesterday), among others.

Bailey had sections of pilled fur on his neck and flanks and was in serious need of grooming.  Since he's going over to Grandma's while we're gone, I figured he should be groomed before we go.  Lilly usually doesn't look obviously in need of grooming, but it's good for her to get up on the table regularly, do a little "training" and get rid of some loose hair.

The mosquitoes outside are simply more than I can take, so I decided it would be worth it to just groom them inside.  Plus, that way, I get to watch Myth Busters on NetFlix while I do it.  :oD    


I swear, this girl can stack herself absolutely beautifully sometimes, and other times I really wonder how her legs can possibly get themselves in that position.

Have a great weekend!  I know we will!


  1. She looks so pretty! Sometimes my beagle stands like that I think she looks just like a show dog. Never knew it was called "stacking" though!

  2. Good luck at the show!
    Maybe Bailey can teach Leroy how to stack-he is very stubborn:)

  3. Sometimes Eva can stack herself very beautifully when you don't notice she has severe cowhocks. We can't physically make her stand like that. Only she does it :) LOL

    Have fun at the show!!! My daughter, Rosie, loves dog shows and watching the rottweilers in the ring.

  4. Have fun at the dog show!
    Lilly is very cute:)
    Calli seems to be going through another major shed.
    Maybe it was because summer was so late, and then when it hit it got pretty hot, who knows!


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