Sunday, August 22, 2010

Packer Practice

Ok, so it's not really about the dogs, but the reason I decided to go is.

Last week Dad asked me if I wanted to go to a Packer practice with him and my brother.  I love football, but that's not why I agreed to go.  

Packer practice = moving targets.  
Moving targets = good practice for dog show photography.

packers 2005.01.01_09

And... well... there are other good reasons.
Seriously, check out the calves on Donald Lee.

packers 2005.01.01_25

packers 2005.01.01_03

packers 2005.01.01_04

packers 2005.01.01_16

packers 2005.01.01_24

packers 2005.01.01_02


  1. Nice shots! Those are some insane calves...
    If there is enough light for a really high shutter speed you'll get less blur. If the photo is underexposed try lowering your aperture or raising your ISO. You'll def get some good photos at the competition :)

  2. It was nice to see the sun set behind the Don Hutson center (and out of our eyes), but it was a problem for my picture taking. I was losing light right from the start.
    The blurry pic where they are going up for the ball was one of the last I took before finally giving up. I actually like the blur in that one so I kept it.
    Also, some dummy forgot to take the memory card for her good camera out of the computer before leaving the house so all I had was my old camera to work with. There's no doubt it made a big difference. (ah, the perils of having one camera on XD cards and the other on SD cards)

  3. Nice pics!
    When you have pictures like that to post there's no need for dog pictures:)
    Thanks for the eye candy!

  4. Those turned out quite well:)
    Speaking of calves and other body parts, you'll get a chuckle out of Hornblower's post
    if you haven't already read it:)

  5. LOL!
    Nice pics :)
    And those calves are .... :DDDD


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