Sunday, January 2, 2011

I have to believe...

... that when I see them, I will know.  I have to believe that when I meet him, it will be an easy choice.  I have to have faith in my gut... and in the breeders who will be there to help me.

Because until then... how on earth does anyone choose?

Can you see his Biscuit mask?  You have to look closely.
* I melt *

He He!  I took that picture of Rico on the left.
Just look at how completely adorable he is.

Stacked and pretty in the snow already.  If the structure is there, this boy is gonna be a show demond.
His face has filled out SO much from when he was born.  I'm really starting to like him.


A big thanks to ArticCross Samoyeds for the awesome 6 week pictures!


  1. Just by looking at the photos I'd choose Yellow Boy. I can see his spirit radiating through them. But you're right, you'll know exactly which one is right the moment you see them. Can't wait to see which pup you choose!

  2. I know what you mean. I wouldn't know whom to choose either!

  3. OMG...they grow soooo fast! Fun pix.


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