Sunday, January 9, 2011

Puppy Notes - 7 Weeks

Seems things have come full circle.

The puppies that I liked best at 2 weeks (Green, Orange, Red) are the ones I find I like best again this week.  Last week I thought Orange's head looked a little over done.  Now, well, I'm in love.

Only one more week...


  1. They are SO adorable!!!

  2. Yellow continues to look like a spunk and orange has a very pretty head, but you know, I really have no idea what I am looking for. haha.

  3. They have grown so much! and they are all so adorable!

    For some reason I am drawn to the green boy, I like his muzzle:)
    Good luck choosing!

  4. Ohhhh! Puppy cuteness! PUPPY BREATH!! OK, well, I guess I can't really inhale the puppy breath through the screen :( Can't wait to see who comes home with you...


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