Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Packer Game Sunday - Mendel Style

You've already seen the pictures of Mendel and Lilly playing outside at Grandma's before the Packer game.
Bailey was outside, too, but he was laying down and pouting because his feet were cold.  He walked all the way down to the end of the yard, after I repeatedly asked him not to (knowing his feet were going to get cold) and then he got some kind of crazy idea that I was going to put my Dad's boots on and trudge all the way down there to carry him back in.  I won that battle.  It may have taken him a week and a half, but he walked his sorry butt all the way up to the house.  (where, of course, grandma fawned over him and filled his belly with treats)

Here's some pictures from during the game:

All that playing outside just took it right out of him.

After being woken up by cheering, he went right back to napping.

My Mama likes Lady Bugs.  I like that whenever she sees a lady bug, I get a new toy.

Frog Dog

Hey, keep it down!  I'm nappin' here!

What?  What happened?  Did we win?
  Yes, Mendel, WE WON!  We're going to the SUPER BOWL!

 Oh, good, wake me up when it's supper time.  K?


  1. Amanda, you're an excellent photographer! Those pictures are gorgeous. I love the froggy leg picture and the last one the most!

  2. Love the feet, and I just want to bury my hands in that fur:)


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