Friday, January 14, 2011

Operation Puppy Wings: T minus 12 hours, and counting...

I fly to Seattle Saturday afternoon, and puppy evaluations are to be held Saturday evening.  Amazingly, this week has not gone nearly as slowly as it could have.

The last couple days have been like the world series of packing - everybody in the house is headed to a different place and that makes things much more complicated for me. 

I made some pretty cute photo collages of each of the puppies while waiting for my laundry to finish the other day.  You can see them on my Photo 51 site.  (I think laundry is the only time I ever actually make use of my photo editor program.  Better than never, right?)

It took me about 85,000 attempts to get my Photo 51 site/blog just how I want it.  What do you think?  There is already some useful stuff on there, like a "how dog shows work" page and a really cool story on Rex of White Way (who is an ancestor of my new baby).  Hopefully I'll be disciplined enough to keep adding more as I go along.  It's kinda nice having the Photo 51 site/blog where I can put more "down to business" stuff, and this blog where I can just ramble on about any random stupid thing that comes to my mind.

I think this is the first, and probably the last, time I have ever posted a photo-less entry on my blog...

 It's a little weird.

Yeah... this isn't working... I can't do it.

Whew!  Much better!  That's my puppy's mom, Allele, and her big brother (not by blood) Traveler enjoying a kayaking trip.  Isn't she just gorgeous?  (Photo from Double Helix Samoyeds)

I'm off to "go see about a dog".  If you wish, place your bets as to who will come home with me.  Maybe when we get back on Monday night I'll come up with a prize for a randomly chosen correct answer. 
(just for the record, I don't even know who I'll get - I have to wait for the breeder to make her choice, first)


  1. Have you noticed I seem to not be able to do a post without a photo either? Its too hard. Have fun in Seattle! I best you'll settle on orange boy. That's my guess. :)

  2. Have a safe flight, and good luck with whatever puppy you end up with. I'm not even going to hazard a guess:)
    And out of interest, do Samoyeds swim, or more like, do they enjoy swimming? Actually, it looks like the little one in the photo is wet. I wouldn't want to be standing too close when one shook:)

  3. PS Seattle is only two hours from us, so you are probably heading to the same mild, maybe wet weather we are having.

  4. Yes, my understanding is that the weather is nothing short of soggy out that way. I would greatly appreciate it if tonight (when I plan to try and get some Seattle at night pictures) it would at least be clear enough to take reasonable pics.

    My guess is that Traveler stayed in the kayak more, given that he's an older boy. Allele spent tons of time in the water that day, in the kayak, out of the kayak for a swim, in the kayak.... She got her dad good and wet. I have seen many Sammies who do like water, but many of them have to swim for a good long while in order for the water to fully penetrate that coat. It takes a while, and a fair amount of effort, to bathe a Sammy for this very reason. The other catch is that when they are done swimming, it is important to make sure they get dried thoroughly. That dense coat left wet is a giant hot spot waiting to happen. :)

    How did I know I would be up bright and early... just waiting until it was time to go?

  5. Have a safe flight and good luck with the puppies. I do love most of them and whichever you pick up is definitely a lucky one. Hope the weather there is fair and good too.
    Many thanks for your kind comment today and it indeed helped a lot. You've said something true to Rosie's heart and this helped her settle down more.

  6. We hope you have a safe trip and pick the best pup for you and your pack. I think you'll take the green boy.
    We just can't wait to see who gets you!


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