Wednesday, July 7, 2010

At least working in the middle of the night is entertaining

Phone rings.  I answer.

Some random guy:  Yeah, I'm wondering if I can pick up a package.

Me (to myself):  Really?  At 2am?  Really?

Me:  Did you call and have a hold put on the package?

RG:  Uhhh... no

Me (to myself):  Oh, goodie!  Here we go.

Me:  Do you have a tracking number for the package?

RG:  Uh.... no

Me:  Was there a delivery attempt made on the package?

RG:  Uh... not that I know of

Me:  Do you know if the package was scheduled to be delivered today?

RG:  Well, I ordered it from amazon the other day.

Me (to myself):  OH, well in THAT case...     *rolling eyes*

Me:  Ok... what's your name and address?

RG:  Jake, 123 Main St, Any Town

*looking up the address in dispatch, logging into every program under the sun to find it*

Me:  Ok, yes, there is a package scheduled for delivery but it's being sorted in Oak Creek right now.  I can put a hold in for it and you can pick it up at 9:30 this morning after we unload it.

Jake:  Oh, so I can't get it any earlier?

Me:  Well, it's not even here yet, and when it does get here there are thousands of packages in each trailer so it will take a bit for us to get to it.  Our sort doesn't start until 5am.

Jake:  Oh, well, it's golf balls and I was hoping to go golfing at 6 this morning.

Me (to myself):  Did they suddenly stop selling golf balls at stores around here any nobody told me?

Me:  Sorry, there's really nothing I can do to get them to you by the time you go golfing.

Jake:  Ok, I guess you can just deliver them.

Me (to myself):  Oh, good, cuz that's what we do here.  *rolling eyes*

Me: Sorry I couldn't help you out.

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