Saturday, July 3, 2010

Family History

Well, as you can see, my camera has returned.

It had quite the trip, and my Dad is thoroughly in love with it.

As I mentioned, my parents got very lucky and were able to find the grave of one of our ancestors during their short stay in Boston. 

My ancestor, Jacob Eliott came to America and joined Governor Winthrop's colony in about 1631 (perhaps even as early as 1628) aboard the ship "Lion".  Jacob was the brother of John Eliott, the famed Apostle to the Indians.  Jacob's son, who was also named Jacob, was a yeoman and became deacon of South Church in Boston.  Upon Deacon Eliott's death, Samuel Sewell, (a judge of the Salem witch trials who later expressed his deep regret for the injustices of the witch trial hysteria) called Deacon Jacob Eliott one of his dearest friends and one of the most serviceable men in Boston. 

My parents found Deacon Jacob Eliott's grave in the Granary Burying Ground surrounded by his wife and children.  He lies just a few headstones away from Paul Revere.



Reverend George Elliott's and Deacon Joseph Elliott's Baptist Church in Ames, New York was the church that Jesse Benjamin, one of my most interesting ancestors, attended.  I hope you will stop by my Mom's blog to read about him and see a copy of the certificated he got when he was honored with the Badge of Merit by His Excellency, George Washington, Esq, General and Commander in Chief of the Forces of the United States of America.


Happy Independence Day tomorrow!!  

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  1. Holy cow that is cool! Very cool! I am a huge ancestry buff myself and have found out some very neat things about my own family so I know how you feel finding something special and real about your own legacy :)


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