Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Toy

Last weekend I used the panoramic assist on my camera to attempt making a picture of my parent's full back yard that my Dad and I have been working to perfect for years.  (It's a never ending project)
Let's just say it didn't go too well.  My computer had a complete and total meltdown when I asked it to stitch together some 16 photos.  It was ugly.  I was sad.

So, since I recently downloaded a free photo editor called "PhotoScape", I decided to check it out and see what all it could do.  It has a .gif maker so I decided to give it a whirl.  Turns out, if you have 16 panoramically assisted photos that your computer can't handle stitching together, they make a nice little .gif tour of your parents' back yard.  Who knew?

(I'm a little bummed that the bright sun washed out the plants on the right side of the yard, but it's still pretty cool)

(just for frame of reference, the photo with the fence is the far right side of the yard - Bailey's FAVORITE spot to eat grass because it's tall enough that he doesn't have to bend down)

I may now be addicted to .gif making.


  1. Nice! It's very natural looking, and I'll bet the dogs love it:)

  2. It is very cool but it makes you a little yacky when you watch it too long. I'll send Dad an e-mail with a link to this blog so he can see it.


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