Saturday, July 10, 2010

Camera Solution

Recently I vowed to never leave my house without my camera again.  That's probably not all that realistic, but I'd at least like to have it with me a lot more than I do now.  (The other day the Doe out at school and I darn near tripped over each other when I spooked her from her nice nap under a big pine tree... without my camera.)

One of the biggest reasons I don't bring my camera is because I don't want to carry the case around with me and I don't want to get it broken, either.

I decided to see if I could find a purse/camera bag combo to solve my problem.  Some people on clearly were onto this idea before I was.

This is a nice option made by Snugglens but it's very 'boxy' and not really my style.

Here's another one made by XcessRize Designs.  I think it has much more character.

Another one by Snugglens.  I like this one better than the regular messenger bag.

Each bag comes with various styles of padded compartments inside.

Here's the catch - these bags do not come with a small price tag... and I'm cheap.

I decided to take a little trip to the craft store and see what I could find.  

This pattern set was only $0.99 on sale, and I liked the general idea for style B.
Much like the Snugglens bag above, it has nice pockets on the sides and plenty of room inside.

Four hours later, I had this.


The whole purse is made with a double layer of polyester batting, and the bottom has 1" foam to make for a nice safe interior.  
I'm still working on perfecting the inside, but so far this is working.


Hopefully, now that I have a good way to keep my camera with me, I'll have fewer of those "Darn it, I wish I had my camera" moments.


  1. Wow, you are talented! I can barely sew at all... I definitely could use a sweet camera bag. I always bring my camera with me, but it often takes the brunt of going bagless and gets banged around a little more than I'd like.

  2. Wow, great job! You are now one stylin' photographer:)


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